DSA of GWS has multiple opportunities each semester/summer for students. … Internships are unpaid, and DSA of GWS will assist students with earning academic credit for their work. Schedules are flexible based on availability and academic needs. Email completed applications to jay@dsagws.org or info@dsagws.org.

DSA of GWS Intern Application


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Winston Salem!

Our organization cannot effectively serve the needs of our families and community without a strong base of volunteer leadership and support.  We have many volunteer opportunities for people who want to become involved in our organization by sharing their time and talent.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • DSAGWS Leadership – These volunteers provide direction for programs and services, specific events and happenings at the DSAGWS .   Being a member of the DSAGWS Leadership includes the Board of Directors, Advisory Boards and Board Committee Members.
  • Committee Leaders and Members – These volunteers work collaboratively to create and manage specific events for the DSAGWS .  They are responsible for budget, event volunteers, and all the elements that go into making our events a success.
  • Event Volunteers – These volunteers are the essential “spokes of the wheel” that make each of our events a success.  They are the people who work the hardest on the day of each event.
  • Administrative Volunteers – Administrative support is required on a regular basis to assist with mailings, projects, etc.

DSAGWS Board Standing Committees:

  • Development, Fundraising, Marketing, & PR
  • Nominating and Board Development
  • Finance
  • Personnel

Please complete and submit the form below to sign up to volunteer:

Volunteer Opportunities