D.A.D.S. meets on the last Thursday of each month from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. ¬†I hope you’ll join us at our next meeting!

DSAGWS’s D.A.D.S. group is an organization of fathers of children with Down syndrome whose mission is to assist and support each other and their families through fellowship and action. ¬†Members come together at monthly meetings to share insights, stories, and experiences that are unique to fathers of children with Down syndrome.

D.A.D.S. objectives are:

  • To create a network of fathers willing to develop a program based on the needs of the fathers themselves.
  • To enhance a father’s knowledge and provide resources for engaging with children and individuals with Down syndrome.
  • To enhance personal advocacy skills.
  • To heighten a family’s ability to cope with the unique challenges of raising a child with Down syndrome.
  • To provide a safe atmosphere of support where fathers can openly share.
If you’d like more information about our D.A.D.S. group, please contact Zach Moser, our D.A.D.S. Director, at moser.zach@yahoo.com.


Please watch the videoclipbelow about DSAGW’s D.A.D.S. group featuring Jay Tolin and his son James.