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Important Issue for Families – DHHS Medicaid Reform

May 28, 2014 | 0 Comments
The NC state legislature is considering many things that impact those of us in the disability community.  I have included links below to three references that are important to your family.  I understand it is a lot to read and digest, but what is more important than your loved ones?  Maybe the money and services that will help support them for the rest of their lives?
Please read as you are able and write, as you are able, to your representatives or local newspapers to express yourselves.   I believe the massive waiting lists for people with disabilities is unconscionable and the “capitated” bribe for addressing it is misleading and short sighted.  But you may see it differently.

DHHS Medicaid Reform Legislative Report – 2014-03-17 – To Upload to Website

Bill’s Editorial to Upload to Website – 5-28-14

Final Talking points on DHHS to Upload to Website

I urge you to get involved while this issue is still in front of the decision-makers.   If you have any questions regarding the talking points developed by parents and providers, do not hesitate to call Deborah Woolard (336-655-8049) or me (336-692-8828) at any time.
Bill Donohue